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Pork or Beef?

Written by: The Bridge on Sunday, June 8th, 2008

May 4th, , which was Sunday, we randomly BBQ/ed a pig. Actually management decided to get rid of all the pigs in the barn because they are costing us too much feed and they are not bringing any money back. As Palmgrove doesn't have a consistent income now, we really can't afford to feed them.

So, there we all were, sitting in church listening to Inno's sermon on Freedom. What is the definition of "freedom" as a Christian, he asked us? Does it mean doing what you want? One definition he gave us is t....


Written by: The Bridge on Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Hello Everyone!
Seems like we have been slacking with the blogs. Well, let’s try another one. This May has gone by both slowly and fast. On May 1st we got to witness a Traditional Nigerian Marriage! I don't want to write a blog on it because Lance wrote about that one. You can read up on it in the Archives, August 2006. I myself just finished reading it and I had to laugh as I read the comments, especially the ones I made and how some people thought me nuts, all because they misunderstood my meaning! At that point in tim....