The Hutterian Brethren web site was originally created by the Senior 1 to Senior 4 students and their teacher from the Decker Colony School in 1996.

It’s current design was created by James Waldner from Wingham Colony.¬† He has spent many hours pushing pixels, testing fonts, and working with our developers to get this website looking just like we want it.

The website administrators include Mark Waldner of Decker Colony & James Waldner of Wingham Colony in Manitoba. Content is managed by Mark Waldner and others.

Our bloggers include Linda Maendel from Elm River Colony (MB), Paul M Wipf from Viking Colony (AB) and Louie Vetter, a Hutterite who wishes to remain anonymous. The original blog (The Bridge) from our mission field in Palm Grove, Nigeria, is also posted.

Content has been written or shared by several individuals including Mark Waldner (Decker MB), Linda Maendel (Elm River MB), Jesse Hofer (Silverwinds, MB), Dora Maendel (Fairholm, MB) and Jeremy Waldner (Newdale, SD). Editors include Kenny Wollman (Baker MB), Jacob Waldner (Decker MB), Jake Gross (Spokane WA), and Tony Waldner (Forest River, ND).

Photographers include Lisa Waldner (Decker MB), Lenita Waldner (Silverwinds MB), Kelly Hofer (Green Acres MB), Adam Waldner (Newdale SD) and various others. Lisa and Karis Waldner selected most of the photographs for the galleries and diligently wrote all of the descriptions.

For further information about the website or its design contact any of the above.

Thanks to everyone who has been kindly providing helpful suggestions and encouragement.

Meet the Team

 Mark Waldner


I’m a teacher at Decker Colony School in western Manitoba. I’m the traditional German school teacher as well as an English teacher. I’ve been directly involved with the hutterites.org (or Hutterianbrethren.com) website since it’s inception in 1996 and enjoyed working with others to make hutterites.org come alive.

James Waldner


I’m a web and logo designer from Manitoba, Canada. Being the main designer for hutterites.org, I’ve spent many hours planning, discussing, and pushing pixels to get it right. I’m a perfectionist and pay attention to the small details. My work has been published in 5 graphic design books within the last two years. I’m always looking for the next great project and looked forward to making this official Hutterite website a reality.