Dariusleut Elders Response to LGBT

Written by: Paul Wipf on Monday, April 3rd, 2017

Dariusleut Elders Response to LGBT
Written by Elder Prediger Joe Wurz.
Reprinted with permission.

To understand the Hutterite faith and culture, it is helpful to understand the foundations of the system. The founders and charter members of the first Hutterian Bruderhofs were refugees who had endured persecution for their faith and were willing to lay down their lives for it. They were men and women of deep religious convictions and sincere consecration. They identified with the Brotherhood not from self-seeking motives, not to try to get from such a life as much as possible, but on the contrary, to see what it was possible for them to put into a life for the service of God. They were fully determined to make Jesus Christ the master of their lives. For His cause they were resolved to live and die. They saw clearly that willing service to God and man, involving self-denial, to bear the Cross and sacrifice, is the necessary fruit of true Christian faith, and they believed the community life to be the best outward expression of love toward God and the brethren, a necessary characteristic of true Christianity. In a word, they accepted Hutterianism not from self-seeking motives but from the earnest desire to be true followers of the Christ whom they loved.

The Hutterian Brethren Church is a group of Christians who are determined to give faith its rightful place in their lives by making the religion paramount. The Bible is our benchmark by which we measure all things and is the only way by which we can ever know right from wrong. The Hutterian Brethren’s vision is to live a meaningful Community life as Christ did with his disciples, attempting to live out our lives being forgiving and tolerant towards our fellow man, something that we live towards, but not always achievable. We surrender our self to the grace and mercy of God, asking him to show us the way out of sin and into the light of his freedom and his love.

The issue of LGQT is a “hot” topic these days. Any opinion held is cause for controversy. The situation in the world has become acute. Some people seem ready to accept Divorce, Abortion, Euthanasia, LGBT and accord them as freedom of choice. The climate surely has changed.

Below are some comments that We have to offer on the questions a reporter posed in regards to the Gay issues.

Q 1: Do you have an official policy on the Gay issue?

A: I think that having such a policy could be helpful to guide the Leaders / Elders of each of the colonies. To state the obvious, such a policy needs to be based solely on God’s word, needs to incorporate both truth and grace at the same time, and needs to point out that the practice of homosexuality is a sin that is no more and no less offensive to God than all other sins that people commit such as anger, jealousy, alcoholism, adultery, disrespect for parents, etc. Our biblical observation is there that LGQT lifestyles are not ultimately going to lead to happiness or a stable society. God’s vision biblical is that this isn’t going to work. At the same time what’s not going to work is hating people, hypocrisy is not going to work, but loving, caring, and compassion is the only thing that will work whatever is the situation. We have to be compassionate because we’re sinners too. We all have to look in the mirror, saying everyone of us, no matter what our outlook, need a Living God who alone can love, save, reform, redeem, and make us whole. People who want to make a difference are touched by a living God.

Q 2: Do you discuss with your ministers and leaders how to respond to someone who is gay or do you leave it up to each colony minister in your sect to handle it whichever way he sees fit?

A: I can see some benefits of having an overarching policy on homosexuality (not limited to gay) to help guide each of the colony ministers. This issue was discussed at Tompkins with all Elders of the 3 groups. And again at the annual Dariusleut Conference, Dec 6 2016. It was agreed that no Minister is to attempt to handle this matter ( if and when it comes up) without consulting the Dariusleut Elders.

Q 3: Has a young person who is struggling with this issue ever confided in you? If so what counsel did you give him or her, and if not, what would you tell them?

A: We acknowledge that homosexuality has been around since the beginning of
mankind, nobody is denying this, it is the acceptance that is immoral. I think we need to separate out the feelings of homosexuality and the practice of homosexuality. I am certainly not qualified to speak about the feelings side which would include the discussion as to whether one is born with these feelings / desires. Every person is born in a sin filled world and is sinful at birth. On the other hand, the Bible is very clear on the practice of homosexuality by stating that it is sin to practice (e.g. Romans 1:26-28, 1 Cor. 6:9-10, Lev. 18:22, Lev. 20:13). In addition to pointing out this truth to a young person who is struggling with this issue, I would also want to point the person to the cross and remind them of the grace and love of God which gives complete forgiveness of sins. I would also point them to the many promises in scripture that we who have accepted Jesus as our Savior and Lord can claim including 1 Cor. 10:12 (provide a way out of temptation) and Hebrews 4:15-16 (a high priest that understands our weaknesses). I would also point out that Jesus forgave many sinners who repented and instructed them to “go forth and sin no more”.

Q 4: Do you believe that someone is born with the predisposition to be gay, or do you feel that gay people willingly chose to be hated despised and alienated?

A: Being gay may not be a choice but the way we respond to our gay feelings is always a choice. It is very possible for a child born with both sex organs to grow up to have a healthy view of sexuality and successful relationships. From early on, the child should be taught how valuable, loved and accepted he is by his family and also by God. He or she is not a victim of divine judgment, but God has a plan for each one of us that will bring Him glory, as we can learn from the many examples of people who were healed by Jesus Christ. I don’t know what is to be gained from answering this biased question other than to say that the Bible is very clear on the practice of homosexuality which is not necessarily the same of being born with such a predisposition. A person may be born to be angry but we don’t condone when a person born with such a disposition lashes out at another person.

Q5 : In a widely published report online, a Hutterite minister made very hurtful comments about his gay nephew. According to the report, the minister went so far as to have his lawyer call the reporter and demand that she never call him again. This seems in sharp contrast to your forefathers who welcomed any opportunity to share their beliefs and opinions. Is it in your view unbecoming of a Hutterite leader who is also a minister of God to be so harsh in light of the Biblical admonition to love and pray for even our enemies?

A: I am not familiar with the details of the published report. The Bible does teach to love and pray for our enemies but does not teach us to condone their behavior when it is contrary to what is taught in Scripture. We need to make a clear separation of the sin and the sinner.

“Always be ready to make a defense to anyone who demands from you an accounting for the hope that is in you kindly and gently.” -1 Peter 3:15

We don’t need division, hatred, violence or lawlessness, but love and wisdom and compassion towards one another. We are all God’s children looking for ways to support each other through life’s journey.In conclusion, may I on the behalf of the Hutterian Brethren express their thanks to the public for the opportunity to present our point of view.

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Lawrence & Carole Woolery said:
On: 18th Oct, 2017 at 14:37

Good Christian answers!

Long Larry said:
On: 14th Nov, 2017 at 21:51

The hutterites that I have been blessed to know are a religious and good people… and if the good book says its a sin, then that’s what it is to them. How bout we respect their cultural beliefs?

Richard Alexandersen said:
On: 19th Apr, 2018 at 21:38

A timely, and in my opinion excellent Christian response to a very sensitive subject that greatly challenges our current generation. Truth must be spoken in love and humility, for we are all sinners. People who use God’s truth to beat up people have missed the greatest of God’s truths, the Gospel. The good news that God, through the sacrifice of his son Jesus, offers forgiveness for sins. Through the the resurrection of Jesus, there is hope of new life, both here on earth and after this earthly existence is over. To my newly discovered Hutterian Brethren, thank you for presenting the Gospel message so beautifully.

William Roberts said:
On: 19th Nov, 2018 at 12:55

Very well said. Hutterites I have had the pleasure to meet so far are a wonderful hard working group of people.
God bless and I stand with you in your faith!!!

Susie said:
On: 14th Jun, 2019 at 18:36

I believe that you answered these questions with great love and correctly according to to God’s Holy Scriptures, well done.