Hello Everybody!

Written by: The Bridge on Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

Hi Everybody! We are trying to answer some of your questions from the comments that you leave. We have some blog entries written and ready to go, but getting pictures together for them takes a bit more time. Please don't be afraid to ask questions so that we can write posts accordingly. I find them very helpful and we can go about getting pictures and information together. I've asked a few people ....

“The Kingdom of God is like a Treasure”

Written by: The Bridge on Sunday, May 21st, 2006

The computer lab, or so they call it, here in Palmgrove, contains five working computers. When I turned them on the first time, only four of them worked. With a bit of work, I've got at least one more of them to work. They are Pentium ones running Windows 98, which is good enough to learn to type and run Microsoft Office. There are at least eight, 486's kicking around that I just can't seem to get back to life. If I could get them up and running then I'd at least be able to use them in teaching typing. We got three
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Any Tips For The Gardeners?

Written by: The Bridge on Saturday, May 20th, 2006

Hey Jonathan (Keystone)! I finally got those seeds that you sent in the mail! It took about 20 days. Who would have thought that they would actually get here? And for four dollars, that's quite reasonable enough! It's going to be an interesting experiment to see what will happen! Maybe there are some people reading this who could give us tips on how to go about planting and taking care of watermelons, melons, honeydew....

Eddie Vetter’s Request

Written by: The Bridge on Wednesday, May 17th, 2006

Hi, you all who enjoy this Palmgrove, Nigeria site. Thanks for your prayers, encouragement and variety of insights or opinions. Now we have another request for you. This is a true support test! We are in desperate need of more help out here, so we hope this will knock on your hearts. We ask that you would work on your superiors and send us the few items listed below. You, yourself could organize it, get together with a couple of colonies and decide as to who buys or sends what, so it would be more economical. Empty spaces could be filled with e....

He who laughs, lasts!

Written by: The Bridge on Wednesday, May 17th, 2006

The other day, my Mom and me decided to go checking up on what the men were doing. We strolled down to the mill where they were working on the grader. As we got closer, we heard Paul Vetter and my Dad laughing so loud. We looked at each other, and Mom wondered what brought that on; she commented on how good it was to hear dad laugh like that. They stood there, laughing and laughing; they could only say one word! "A....