April 7 ~ Hello from Africa!

Written by: The Bridge on Saturday, April 8th, 2006

Oops! Instead of landing in Nigeria, the plane got lost and ended up on Jupiter, well at least that what it looks and feels like! (Ok, Matthew CS, I can see you laughing at that one!) As we got lower and lower you could watch the outside temperature on the info screen go up, up and up. At 3000ft we were around 22 degree C. then 23, 24, 25, 26…I was thinking, "That’s quite enough already, you can stop now", 27, 28…Altitude 1500 ft and falling, temperature 29, 30 and still rising. The monitors shut off just before landing, so I didn’t get....

April 5 – Last day in Austria

Written by: The Bridge on Saturday, April 8th, 2006

On Tuesday morning, we went to Astrid's parents for a short visit. We wanted to see her father's blacksmith shop, and also visit a bit longer. He makes antique looking metal work. Some of it is actually art. He used a furnace or a torch to heat the metal, and a hammer and anvil to form it. Just by watching him, you could see he was an expert in his trade. He demonstrated for us by making a horseshoe from a flat iron bar. A few years back, for his wife's 60th birthday, he made her
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April 4 ~ Visiting Zlan

Written by: The Bridge on Saturday, April 8th, 2006

On Tuesday, we went to the village of Zlan. The Lutherans that joined the Hutterite Church went to church in that town. On the pews, in front of every person, there was a plaque with his last name on it. We found the Kleinsasser name, Hofer name and Waldner name, without the ‘n’. Somehow they forgot the ‘n’, all the grave sto....

April 3 ~ Touring South Tyrol

Written by: The Bridge on Wednesday, April 5th, 2006

On Monday, we headed out to South Tyrol with Lynda Lederer as our guide. This part of the country used to belong to Austria. After World War 2 or is that World War 1, I’m not sure now, it became part of Northern Italy. The signs change from German to both Italian and German. Our mission was to visit the birthplace of Jacob Hutter, which is located close to Bruneck. Right next to his house is also a ver....

April 2 ~ Touring Northern Tyrol

Written by: The Bridge on Tuesday, April 4th, 2006

On Sunday, we went to Innsbruck to visit the famous Goldene Dach, where Jakob Hutter was burned at the stake. I’ve seen lots of pictures of it, however, being here and actually seeing is another thing. That section of the city is very old, we're lucky that we're here before tourist season, they say it can get really crowded. It was Sunday morning and the bells in the neighboring churches started ringing. We went into Der Dom zu St. Jakob, which is another huge Catholic Church. I was watching from the back when the priest and his procession ca....