Day To Day

The day-to-day lives of Hutterites follow fairly similar norms from colony to colony and from leut to leut, with some of the biggest difference occurring in the areas of leisure time and education.

Building a house

The organizational structure of most colonies is very similar. Each colony is led by a group of leaders, including the minister, the colony manager and the farm manager.

Most Hutterites continue to earn their living in the agricultural fields, but with a greater number entering the manufacturing field in the last two decades.

How Hutterites spend their leisure varies greatly from leut to leut, with some Hutterites shunning almost all forms of sport, while others condone various types of sports. Most Hutterite colonies espouse choral singing for special occasions and many, at least privately, play musical instruments in small groups. Various other leisure activities are available for Hutterite youth.