Decision Making

A special process is in place for most decision making on a Hutterite colony.  The process varies only slightly among the leut with most following a similar procedure.

For business decisions or changes to roles on the colony, the advisory board or the Zullbrueder determine which decisions are to be brought to the whole community of voters.  If there is disagreement among the Zullbrueder, then the decision is either put off until a consensus is reached, or the advisory board take a vote.

Decisions relating to spiritual affairs are treated differently because the teachings of Christ direct the ultimate decision. Those decisions are left to the minister and he may seek advice from other ministers or from the church elder.

Major decisions like appointing new members to the advisory board are made by all the male baptized members (brothers) of that community. Every brother votes and the person with the majority of the votes is expected to take on the elected position. In the event of a tie, a lot a cast to determine the position.

Other decisions involving large monetary asset expenditures, such as the purchase of new vehicles or tractors, requires a meeting with all the brothers. The pertinent issues are brought forward, discussed, and a decision is made about whether or not to go forward. If a consensus can’t be reached, a vote is held in which each person verbally states his position. Otherwise, a vote generally isn’t held.