Hutterites share a common ancestry with the Anabaptists, along with the Mennonites and Amish and as would logically follow, share many of the same beliefs and doctrine.  Hutterites differ in one major aspect: they believe in sharing their possessions in commons as demonstrated by Christ and His Apostles and as later further refined and described in the Book of Acts.
Christ commanded us to love one another, and Hutterites believe that living together is a wonderful and unique expression of love for their fellow man.

So what are the origins of the Hutterites?
Where did Hutterite life begin? What kind of persecution did the ancestors of the modern Hutterites endure?
What’s the history of these unfamiliar, unique people living throughout the prairies in southern Canada and the northern states in the USA? What are some of the events that led to Hutterites’ establishment in North America.
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