The Hutterites had escaped to Slovakia but they felt quite uncomfortable there, because the Thirty Years War was still going on, and the colonies were still being plundered daily.  After a while not only the soldiers but the surrounding people and noble men started robbing the communities.

In 1685, after constant torturing and robbing, the Hutterites gave up community of goods.  They still had ‘Lehr’ and other church services, but community of goods was abandoned.  In 1688 all Hutterites babies had to be baptized by the Catholic church, although they were later rebabtized upon their confession of faith when they became adults.

The Catholic Church was still pressuring the Hutterites to convert, and they decided to steal all their sermon, history and doctrinal books.  They did get many, but the Hutterites managed to hide some.  Besides that, everyone was forced to attend Catholic services.  By 1763, most of the Hutterites in Hungary were Catholics.  By 1781, there were no Hungarian Hutterites left.