Leadership after Hutter

Hans Amon took over the leadership for Hutter from 1536-1542.

Hans Pürchner, Young Hans Mändl, and Peter Riedemann who wrote the “Rechenschaft,” (Confession of Faith) were all Missionaries who were captured, tortured, and some even executed.

Hans Kräl of Kitzbuchel was also a captured missionary who was cruelly tortured by stretching.  He was then placed in a tower dungeon that was so humid that his clothing rotted from his body.  The collar of his shirt, was the only thing that hadn’t rotted which he sent back to his community as a sign of his steadfastness.   He was in prison for 23 months and then sentenced to the galleys.   Kräl’s guard became drunk on the journey allowing Kral to escape. Kräl returned to Moravia where he later became the leader of the Brotherhood.

The year 1546 was a difficult time for the Hutterites.  King Ferdinand made a visit to Moravia, which put the Brethren in danger, and so the Hutterites fled to mountain and caves.  Slovakia also had 12 Bruderhofs, which also were in danger.  Many left the bruderhofs but most stayed remained true to their faith.

Around 1551-1552 the “Good Period” started for the Hutterites.