Migration to Ukraine

The Hutterites lived in constant fear of being taken captive by the Turks in Wallachia (Romania), so three and a half years after arriving, they prepared to migrate again, this time to Ukraine.

On April 10, 1771, 60 people left their home and traveled to Ukraine.  All their possessions were stored on five wagons, and they walked all the way.

The Brethren settled on land that owned by Count Rumiantsev.  Plows, sheep and other supplies were loaned to them on the condition that they’d be repaid.  A new Bruderhof was established which they named “Vishenka”.

Between 1771 and 1791, seven trips were made by the Brethren in attempts to bring back family members and those in prison in Transylvania and Hungary.   Walters, Mändels, Tschetters and Wollmans were persuaded to join the Hutterites at Vishenka.  As well, several Mennonite families joined, including Deckers, Entzs, Knels, and Gross’.   In total, the leaders were able to persuade 56 to come back and join the Vishenka bruderhof.

During this time, Hans Kleinsasser was the elder (until his death in 1779).  Joseph Kuhr became the elder after him until his death in 1794.