Geo 10 Camping Trip

Written by: Clint Stahl on Friday, June 29th, 2018

Each year, Catherine Wurtz (Sky View) and Anna Maendel (Fairholme) organize a three-day camping trip for all the ITV students taking that year’s Geo 10 course. This year, we spent the three days hiking, swimming, listening to presentations, learning about different plants, animals and biomes, and getting to know our peers. Our campsite was as usual, near Lake Winnipeg, at Mr. James’ cabin. The meals were prepared by volunteers and food was preassigned so that each colony could pitch in.

Each day was organized with different activities for us to do. There were different speakers called in to talk about topics relevant to what we’ve been learning about all year. For example, a photographer talked about his experience with animals and educated us on the lifestyle of caribou. A Geologist talked about how they go about doing their job; what it consists of and why the information they collect is important. She also brought along rock samples for us to examine; including the oldest rock in Manitoba. We also played games to better understand symbiotic relationships and how important is to keep our ecosystems balanced.

We spent an entire morning learning how to identify plants and be able to describe, age and classify a tree. We had to write down notes and observations about the trees we studied and plant our own saplings so that future campers can go back and see how these same trees had progressed over a year’s time. After lunch we went on a Boardwalk

through a swamp where we got to see plants that we would generally not see at home. We brought back water samples so that we could test its pH level.

Despite the fact that everything was well organized and supervised, we did have a lot of time to hangout with and get to know our peers, which was of course the highlight. Even if we didn’t particularly enjoy each activity, being with all the other grade tens made it twice the fu

n. We got to brave the freezing waters of Lake Winnipeg and there was always a game of Volleyball being organized. In the evenings, we sat around the fires till 10:30 with hot chocolate socializing and singing.

Even though many colonies seem reluctant to let their student go for the entire three-day trip, I really think that it’s a valuable experience that each of our young people should have at some point in their lives.

-Writeup by Renae Stahl-

-Photos by Amber Waldner-



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