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Written by: Mark Waldner on Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Finally, after two years of on-again off-again work, after lots of planning, changes, updates, calls and emails, we are finally launching!
The purpose of is to share our lifestyle with an interested audience. We realize that during our history and even today, Hutterites have often been misunderstood.  And often people who don’t understand or who have no contact with Hutterites, form misconceptions and allow false impressions to shape their views.  We hope to alleviate some of these misconceptions by presenting factual information and advocating for Hutterites on the web. Further we wish to provide a resource for various audiences to learn, to share and to gather info about Hutterites.

The first webpage devoted to the Hutterites was developed in 1996,  sixteen years ago as a Brandon University optional course project.  The site was hosted as a user-based website at
Shortly thereafter, by 1998, was born.  By this time, I was teaching at Decker Colony School and together with my students we re-developed the website, and we ended up hosting it at  Groups of students were responsible for writing different section of the website and different sections were completed as part of the requirements of the course.  At the time we coded it using raw html. Yes, it was ugly!

Since then, the website has been updated various times and this, the 2012 version, is the latest and most comprehensive update ever.  Phase 1 of the website is now complete and we went live on April 4, 2012.

James Waldner, a teacher, and web and logo designer from Wingham Colony in Manitoba, designed the look and feel of He spent countless hours designing, tweaking, fixing, and polishing the overall layout and design. He continues to work with the team to further refine and develop the site.  The Hardy Brothers (Dan and Gareth) of developed the site and made it live. I was responsible for the content, and migrated a lot of it from the old site and re-wrote many of the pieces with help from other, such as Kenny Wollman from Baker (MB), Linda Maendel from Elm River Colony (MB) and Jeremy Waldner from Newdale (SD). But I wish even more Hutterites would contribute to this project…

A lot of work went into the organization and selection of photos for the website and for the gallery. Lisa and Karis Waldner (Decker) spent hours collecting, organizing, selecting and publishing the photos and writing the captions to go along with them.  The photographs themselves are the responsibility of several photographers, including Lisa Waldner (Decker), Lenita Waldner (Silverwinds), Kelly Hofer (Green Acres) and Adam and Karen Waldner (Newdale, SD).

Thank you to everyone who has contributed. And if you are a Hutterite and feel that you can contribute, drop us a line. We can always use help to keep this site going.

Our wish is that this website will continue to achieve our goals of explaining and sharing the Hutterite lifestyle and beliefs, help to dispel misconceptions and to provide a resource for various interested audiences.
If you have questions or comments, please feel free to respond below. You might want to consider signing up for updates to the website by clicking on the “Subscribe” link in the footer below.

Thank you.

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Linda said:
On: 20th Mar, 2012 at 01:23

Well done, Mark! Looking forward to blogging on your site!

Rachel said:
On: 4th Apr, 2012 at 15:40

Hello from London, UK. I came across your website just today after reading some scientific journal articles on fertility where the research had been based in the Hutterite population, and was curious to learn more. Really lovely website and the photos in particular are beautiful. Nice work!

Bev Wall said:
On: 20th Apr, 2012 at 00:31

Hi, I am an EA at Garden Valley Collegiate in Winkler, Mb. Today we visited Silverwinds colony near Sperling, Mb. I had never been to a Hutterite colony before, so I found it extremely interesting. I was so impressed, that I decided to do some internet research and came upon your website. Thank you for a beautiful comprehensive website that allows us to get a glimpse into your beautifully simple life!
Most respectfully,
Bev Wall

Mark Waldner said:
On: 21st Apr, 2012 at 14:58

Thanks Bev,
Of course as you would expect colony life is not without challenges,
but when lived with God’s help alongside other God-fearing and
dedicated members, it is a wonderful life.
Thank you

Traci Manseau said:
On: 22nd May, 2012 at 17:32

I saw your post on twitter about me winning the Rural Teacher of the Year here in Montana, and it has led me to this site. I think this site is great! I love to read the history of the hutterite culture. I truly love my job! Thanks again for sharing my story on your site. Keep in touch!!!
Traci Manseau
Deerfield Colony School

Joshua Martin said:
On: 26th Feb, 2014 at 04:17

I’ve been interested in the hutterites of a long time.I learned about them in school,beings I’m a Mennonite n it’s interesting to me that we share the same background and I’m talking in reference to our Anabaptist history.I’ve been on this page numerous times n I’m impressed with what I see,however I’d be interested in seeing hutterite lifestyle up close.Would there be a place for me to visit a colony for a day n watch routinary hutterite activities???

William Kimbro said:
On: 16th Jun, 2014 at 23:15

Greetings. I am currently living in Minnesota and wondered if I might visit a colony in the Winnepeg area. I will be traveling up with some friends and it would be an honor to visit and maybe even to work/stay for a couple of weeks. I lived at Woodcrest community almost thirty years ago when they still were “hutterian brethren.” Since then, I have thought many times off and on over the years that I would appreciate staying with one of the Schmied colonies. Would this be a possibility? I would be coming sometime in July. I’m a good dish washer and general worker. I lived and worked in Germany for a number of years and taught high German and English to refugees to that country.

Please let me know if this is possible. I even talked with Jake Kleinsasser vetter on the phone a couple of times. That was long ago but I remember it being a good experience. He was very loving and gave me some good direction for my life after leaving Woodcreat. Hope to hear from someone soon.



Carol said:
On: 24th Oct, 2014 at 21:56

My friend had a Hutterite turkey for thanksgiving in Grande Prairie, Alberta. And was so amazed at how delicious it was and how white the breast meat . So my question is I live in Surrey , B.C. And would like to purchase one, for Christmas. Is this possible as I don’t think there is a Hutterite colony here? Thanking you in advance for the info.