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CD: O Lord We Praise You


The WMHYC was formed in 1999 under the direction of Butch G Wipf and consists of members from multiple Hutterite Communities. By 2004, the year “O Lord We Praise You” was published, the WMHYC had grown to about 150 members from eight different colonies in western Manitoba. These colonies include Acadian, Decker, Fairway, Mills Hof, Newdale, Oak River, Odanah, and Trileaf.

Newdale Colony, near Elkton SD, joined the Western Hutterian Youth Choir for several songs.  Most songs are sung a capella by the full 150 member choir, but it includes several selections by the men’s and ladies’ choirs.


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Song list for O LORD We Praise You

O Lord we praise You!
Because He Lives
Herr, ich traue auf Dich
Shall we gather at the River
There’s a light in the Window
Through the power of Jesus
Stand Firm
Hör Sein Ruf und komm
O Herr Jesus, Du bist’s wert
The Wood of His Cross was Real
O du Wort voll Hoffnung

We’re depending on You
Lord, inflame our Hearts
Was ist das Leben?
How shall the Young
Crucify Him
Everybody is a Leader
Dir Herr, will ich folgen
The Billows Swell
My Fellow Man
Die Gemeinde der Heiligen

Published 2004