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Communitarians CD


Communitarians by the Western Manitoba Hutterian Youth Choir (WMHYC)
(Publication date: 2006)

“Communitarians” is the third CD recorded by the WMHYC; the participating communities include Decker, Odanah, Oak River, New Dale, Trileaf, Fairway, Millshof and Acadia.

Most songs are by the full 150 member choir, but it includes several selections by the men’s and ladies’ choirs.




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Communitarians (2007) Song list      

  1. Communitarians
  2. Building up the Walls
  3. Gott ist hier
  4. Praise Ye the Lord of Glory
  5. Siegeskron’
  6. Strong and Mighty
  7. O mein Bruder
  8. On Jordan’s Stormy Banks
  9. Gemeinschaftlich Leben
  10. Two Keys
  11. Every Wall Crumbled Down
  12. Herr, Du Lebst
  13. Come to Me
  14. Oft hab’ ich’s versucht
  15. In Response to the Letter
  16. You said it all
  17. Achtung!
  18. I am Thine, O Lord
  19. He is Not Here
  20. Come Home my Child
  21. Nimm die Welt
  22. The Almighty God
  23. Awake this tempted Heart
  24. Please don’t go
  25. Es springt ein neues Lied
  26. Lord, Your Silence Speaks
  27. We will keep Advancing

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