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Written by: The Bridge on Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

February 28, 2008
Greetings, fellow Hutterites and everyone else.
We have been in Palmgrove for almost 3 weeks now and are finally figuring things out, making daily routines and learning new things everyday.Pe ople still call me “Talitha” and call Brian “Lance,” and sometimes I am “Lance,” but hey, I don’t get their names straight all the time either. It is funny the way most of them say “Brian,” they pronounce it “Brrrrrrrrrrrn,” the sound little kids make when they play with their ‘trokeleh.’
I phoned with my mom and Jeremy yesterday, it was like a taste of home. Jeremy asked me “so what are you doing,” and I had to pause and think. At this point we are all doing so many different things while we are still figuring out how things work here and on what to spend money.
Amid trying to learn all the impossible names, most people have at least 2 and can have up to 4, which is just as well, because the first few we can’t pronounce. We, Brian and I are still learning basic stuff like, when the breakfast and lunch bell goes off. What the working hours are and how to spend free time.It is so hot here ,you are constantly sweating. I have learned the only way to keep cool is to go in the stream, then to sit around in wet clothes,that does the trick. It dries so quickly during the day that you have to go right back again. At night, the house is hotter than outside.It heats up all day long, and then takes until about 5 in the morning to cool off, which is when it starts to heat up again.You just can’t win!
Judy and I can always find work in the sewing room.Of course, with no Nepa we can’t use the Pfaff, but I’m learning to use the foot pedal machine.I told my mom I’m sewing just like her mom did when she was a girl.Of course, it is a bit tricky, but I dare say with practice I’ll be able to handle it well.We are working on curtains.We would like to thank the colony who donated two large rolls of this material.Thanks to them, we can make each family curtains for their doors and windows.The people always have things to sew for themselves, or things to mend, it is a continuous project.
Brian and Ed are trying to focus on the water plant, which is hardly completed.I go over sometimes to see if I can help, they give me something or other to clean.One day the girls will go down and clean the whole building.Brian is writing a blog on the water house, so I’ll skip it.
brian-in-stream.jpgWith our American friends, we spent a whole day. In the morning, there was Lehr, starting at 10ish, it went for about 2 hours. After that, we went down to the stream to swim.That was nice and pleasant. On our way home from the stream we saw a bunch of the puem all running excitedly. Instantly we knew something was afoot, because normally everyone walks so slow you feel like pushing them, so when someone, never mind a whole crew is running, you know something is up. Turns out, they were running after a snake! Wow! I actually caught a glimpse of the thing, it was big and moving FAST. I didn’t know they could move so quickly. It disappeared into a pile of weeds and grass, surrounded by boys and buem carrying machetes and bamboos sticks.They set fire to it, but it never reappeared. Probably it went down into a hole in the ground. Then we toured the school with a few children. By that time it was time to go to the kitchen where Inno had a ‘grad/scholarship’ meeting planned. We were only an hour late, and among the first there. :D.It was long and hot, with many windy speeches.Basically, Inno wanted to encourage all the students by praising these 6 scholars. These 6 got a sponsor from the US. After the meeting, we strolled through the jungle despite the fact that it was quickly growing dark.We posed beside a mud hut we found. Then we met a guy who had just tapped some palm wine trees, he invited us to come and drink it. We went over out of curiosity and sat there in the cooling evening. I tasted the wine; it was not unpleasant, but quite good, like juice. However, recalling Talitha’s advice of “don’t drink the palm wine,” I refrained from more than a sip or two.
Of course, the next day Joel, Becky, Lisa, and Ruthie were off. They left around 9 in the morning to Calabah. So we continue on here in Palmgrove.
We hear that Ed and Anna from Cascade are flying out on Sunday, destination Palmgrove.We look forward to their arrival!Have a safe trip!

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Anonymous said:
On: 19th Mar, 2008 at 15:45

All we can do back home is be jealous of the pool and all the nice weather. But i guess the warm weather will soon come back home. The snow is starting to melt and puddles are everywhere. So the warm weather is coming.
Keep the blogs coming. There interesting.
Take Care

A friend who is thinking said:
On: 19th Mar, 2008 at 15:52

All we can do is be jealous of the swimming and the nice weather that you got down there. But spring is coming here in this part. The snow is melting and there are puddles everywhere. The kids are enjoyed runnig around in the puddles.
Keep the blogs coming, they are interesting.
Take care,
Out of Canada

Anonymous said:
On: 19th Mar, 2008 at 16:02

Thanks for the interesting blogs. Out here the sun is shining and the snow melting. I’m kind of glad I’m out here with spring coming and all.
Nigeria sounds like fun. Getting to know new people and seeing different sites.
May God be with you during your stay in Palmgrove. Happy Easter.

Anonymous said:
On: 19th Mar, 2008 at 19:54

Thanks again for the update! Its good to hear that you are all doing ok and are making progress. Keep it up and stay healthy! God be with you and Happy Easter!

someone you know said:
On: 19th Mar, 2008 at 20:12

It has always been my dream (even while i was still in the hutt farm) to travel to a third world country…even knowing the hardships that one might encounter there…And now that i’m gone the dream is still very much alive. I hope God keeps all of you safe, and gives you the strength and courage you need to be the difference to those people who are just like us. I look forward to reading every blog entry and seeing the pictures….God bless you all!

Hopefull said:
On: 20th Mar, 2008 at 07:36

Interesting thing bout the snake you ever have any large ones inside of palm grove?? slithering around in the night and maybee licking the toes or snugeling up next to you to keep cool? thanks again for the update and god bless you have a happy easter, dont forget your egg hunt 🙂

MH CS said:
On: 20th Mar, 2008 at 08:29

hey Talitha… Lance.. no.. Leanne 😛
You gotta let us know when you try snake steak (and fried termites! :D) Guess you have to catch one first. Unt yo, know what you mean when you wonder ‘what did i do today?’ For me it’s often like that here, never mind there! Keep on with the pedal machine! blessings

Anonymous said:
On: 20th Mar, 2008 at 08:58

hey you guys are the idol of everybody there in nigeria. We wish to come to and enjoy the fragrance and the beauty of the place sometime to.


a friend in Christ said:
On: 20th Mar, 2008 at 09:04

ur blogs are getting better and better every time….i really enjoy reading them…as they get in…wish there would be newer ones more often..its always a blessing to know how you’re doing there……
may God bless you on your journey and keep you in His hands….

Anonymous said:
On: 20th Mar, 2008 at 11:55

hey…Lee and Brrrrrrn! It is so good to hear from you….and you look great on the pics. It seems we hear so little from you, but I guess, you have your life to live, and can’t run to the phone like we would like you to (just to keep us happy….)….so, take good care of your-selfs. We want you back. sth

David Anna'n Family (SPH) said:
On: 20th Mar, 2008 at 21:55

Our liebe leut in Palmgrove!
We SO enjoy reading your blogs. You must be doing JUST fine with all the difficulties, mostly the culture shock! You sure know how to get us all involved, anciously waiting for more.
Here’s hoping and praying that you’ll keep focused and stay strong on your mission for the church, in Africa.
God bless,

Linda said:
On: 21st Mar, 2008 at 13:44

Wishing all of you in Palm Grove a Blessed Easter. Our prayers are with you. Keep writing blogs. We love them! The pictures are great!

a sister in Christ said:
On: 21st Mar, 2008 at 14:04

Curtains for all the houses, sounds like quite a luxery! Is this an American thing or do most Nigerians have them if they can afford the likes?
No I am not jealous about the weather you are enduring, but that you are actually making people “glustel” is great! Hopefully that means more willing volunteers in the future, including myself!
Isn’t there a baptism group? That would be something worth writing home about! If so, do introduce us and tell us about them!! That would be absolutely heartwarming and encouraging!! Brian I am looking forward to hearing from you!!
Also, like Nelda offered, if you have any special prayer requests, do let us know!
Thanks for all the effort and time you are putting in, to keep us informed! May You continue in your labors for Christ and the church! He did so much for us, can’t we also suffer a bit for Him!
May this Easter be more real and alive for you than ever before! Continue in His grace and strength, and certainly you shall be able to endure it all!!!

Nelda said:
On: 21st Mar, 2008 at 23:15

Good going Leanne!! Nice work with all thoes curtains.
I’ve been wondering if there are any new members to baptize as it would be a good indecation of their spiritual growth.
Also, why should’nt you drink the palm wine? Is it bitter? intoxecating? unsanitary?
Greet Edd and Judy for me, I guess you will be taking the Lords Supper in a few days, don’t forget to fill us in on all the differences you encounter.xooxo

Smiles said:
On: 22nd Mar, 2008 at 12:34

Hey Leanne and Brian,
You seem to be enjoying yourself immensely! As all of us travel through this world, I am sure we all try and do our bit for God…be it in Africa or right at home in our own backyards. We all do our share of suffering and witnessing for him, or we hope we do. So no matter where any of us is, if we do it for the glory of God, we will all be rewarded.

Matt & Anna said:
On: 23rd Mar, 2008 at 18:29

HI leanne & Brian
It sure would be nice to hear about some of the group thats asking for baptism, maybe on one of your next blogs, when you get to know some of the Palmgrovers a little bit better. Also little insidents on the Hoff like the snake or people you meet outside are very interesting. Have you gone to the market by your self yet haha ? Love your blogs Have Blessed Easter!!!

Anonymous said:
On: 24th Mar, 2008 at 18:13

I believe I might have been misunderstood by my comment on suffering a bit(#13). This comment was simply meant to be a challenge and encouragement for all of us, both for our missionaries abroad and and all those good and faithful servants back home! By “suffering a bit” I was also implying that whatever we might suffer for Jesus name sake can’t measure up to all Jesus endured and suffered for wretched and miserable sinners like us.His love is incomprehensible! So let’s take courage everyone!!

EMW said:
On: 30th Mar, 2008 at 19:41

Hi there Lee and Brian too……….Glad to hear(read) u guys are doing great….Lee .. u are making us glustle more…;) anyways keep up the good work…God be with u….

leanne said:
On: 4th Apr, 2008 at 07:18

yo, thanks for the encouragement everyone!! it helps. not sure who you all are, maybe i’m suppoes to know some of your ‘code’ names, but sorry-o, not all!! when i do check my mail every 2-3 weeks, i have alot of stuff to send to Lance for the blogs and lots of mail to read all with slooooooow internet connection, sometimes it just doesn’t work at all. but never doubt that your comments aren’t appreciated!! i went to market with anna once, does that count for by myself? and the palm wine? it’s not good for the white’s system apparently, some get real sick from it. you have to make sure it’s fresh from the tree, drink it in the morning or evening, which is when they climb up and tap it…i should do a blog on that!